Spaces for welcoming and hospitality.

Besides the comfort of its physical area, Casa de Saúde São José currently represents a space where patients are welcomed, treated warmly and where they can receive humanized care. With a legacy marked by the philanthropic spirit of the founding Sisters that persists until present day, the hospital’s respect for human life is reflected in the quality of the care it offers, with modern equipment and a team that is trained and qualified to assist patients efficiently and quickly.

Its structure currently includes 206 installed hospital beds and nearly 6,000 registered physicians.

Each year, the hospital assists nearly 3,500 births and performs 22,000 surgeries in a wide range of specialties, with 40% considered to be highly complex cases.

In all, there are some 20,000 admissions and 9,000 appointments each year at the Cardiology and Orthopedic Emergency Care areas. And all the care for patients and those accompanying them is offered by a team consisting of approximately 1,400 direct employees and 700 partners.

In order to offer support for highly complex procedures, the hospital has specialized Intensive Treatment Units, such as the Adult ICU, Neonatal ICU, Semi-Intensive Unit, Postoperative Semi-Intensive Unit, Hemodynamics Unit and Coronary Unit.

The hospital infrastructure also includes the Image Diagnostics Center, with Resonance and Tomography services, among many others, designed both for admitted patients as well as outside clients.


Hospital Beds Available:

Nursery – Accommodations for 40 babies
Obstetrics Patients – 27 apartments and six suites
Surgery Patients – 107 apartments and five suites
Adult ICU – 30 beds
Neonatal ICU – 10 beds
Coronary Unit – 11 beds
Day Clinic – 11 beds
Cardiac Emergency – five beds
Semi-Intensive Unit and uSIPO – 21 beds