Is the big day almost here? In that case, the best thing is for the parents to be not only psychologically prepared, but also take some practical measures before heading to the maternity ward.

Casa de Saúde São José has a few tips for how to pack both the mother’s and baby’s bag, in order to ensure enhanced comfort and make this special day go even more smoothly.

One important tip is to have everything ready and prepared at least by the seventh month of the pregnancy, guaranteeing that, even if something unforeseen happens, everything will be organized and ready to go.


Documents for hospital admission

– RG (I.D. Card) of both the mother and her husband.
– Health insurance card.
– Hospital admission guide provided by the obstetrician.


Documents necessary for registering the baby’s birth

– RG (I.D. Card) of both the mother and her husband.
– Marriage Certificate or Declaration of Stable Union, if applicable.
This document called the Life Birth Certificate will be delivered to the father immediately following the birth and person responsible will be sent to the Civil Registry Notary located closest to the hospital.


Outfits for the Hospital Stay

For mother:

3 nightgowns with an opening in the front that can be used easily for breastfeeding
2 nursing bras
4 pairs of oversized panties
1 pair of rubber sandals
Personal hygiene products for the couple
Postpartum belt (ask your physician)
1 package of postpartum sanitary napkins
Breastfeeding pillow (optional)
Prenatal exams from the last trimester (Blood tests, vaginal swab and ultrasound)
Prenatal card


For baby:

5 overalls or top and pant sets
5 onesies
5 swaddling cloths
3 blankets
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of shoes (optional)
3 burping clothes
1 package of diapers (Size S)
1 infant fingernail cutter
1 pair of mittens
1 hat
Car seat – make sure you practice installing it in your car once you buy it.
Separate the changes of clothes for the first day and create a kit to deliver to the nursery staff after the birth.
On the doors of each room, we have also provided hooks for you to hang door decoration. Therefore, please don’t forget it!