Vaccines for mothers and infants

In partnership with a vaccination clinic, Casa de Saúde São José offers the first does of the vaccine against Hepatitis B, always after receiving medical authorization. Vaccinating your child is important, since it is a way of protecting him or her against serious diseases.

Just as important as the baby’s vaccinations are those for the mother, crucial for promoting neonatal health, considering that the during pregnancy, she can transmit this protection across the placental barrier. For this reason, we recommend that pregnant women and their families get vaccinated against whooping cough (pertussis). Talk to your obstetrician.


Neonatal Tests

– Infant Hearing Test – Also called auditory screening, this exam checks neonatal hearing capacity to rule out the presence of problems. The exam is performed by a pioneering team of speech therapists in Rio de Janeiro based on medical prescription (pediatrician).

– Infant Vision Test – Exam performed in our nursery by the baby’s pediatrician in order to rule out the possibility of congenital cataracts in the newborn.

– Infant Heart Test – Test performed by the nursing team at the nursery under the monitoring of the medical team. This screening rules out the possibility of the newborn having any serious heart issues at birth.

– Neonatal Heel Prick – This exam must be taken after the infant leaves the hospital, within five to seven days after birth, in a clinical analysis laboratory recommended by the pediatrician.