The maternity ward at Casa de Saúde São José operates based on the concept of comprehensive care, which includes the women’s health, both during the pregnancy and post-natal period, as well as for both the fetus and newborn. The care we offer to premature babies is considered one of our greatest strengths, and has made Casa de Saúde São José a reference in infant treatment throughout Brazil.

Our Neonatal ICU joins together the most specialized medical teams with state-of-the-art technology, adding the most important innovations from the area.

We have already cared for over 15,000 premature infants and our monitoring of the pregnancy and fetal well-being allow us to offer even more precise and successful care. All of this with the constant attention of our team, including a neonatal intensivist who works in partnership with the patient’s physician.

The quality of our neonatal care guarantees both the survival and quality of life of the child. The unit offers radiology and ophthalmological exams to identify any changes in the retina, resuscitation materials, treatment for congenital cardiomyopathies, oxygen monitoring and a milk bank supervised by nurses specialized in breastfeeding, among other services.

The family’s support and participation during such an important moment, together with the weekly meetings with psychologists, offered by the clinical, promote an exchange of experiences between parents, siblings and grandparents alike. The clinical data on the progress of the newborns from all the participating institutions are cross-tabulated to calculate the best performance and care quality indexes.