Together with another 33 hospitals, Casa de Saúde São José is part of ACSC- Santa Catarina Congregation Association, a philanthropic entity focused on the areas of health, education and social welfare.


To keep the legacy of Mother Regina Protmann alive, mobilizing efforts for self-sustainable philanthropy in the areas of health, education and social welfare.


Be considered a reference philanthropic entity in Brazil.


– Tradition: History, image and values of the Santa Catarina Sisters’ Congregation;

– Humanization: Promotion of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being;

– Credibility: Coherence between words and action, with ethics and justice;

– Respect and Dignity: In the relationship with employees, clients and partners;

– Entrepreneurship: Making things happen through motivation and creativity.


The Mission of Casa de Saúde São José: To serve the area of health by promoting health.